Bed Bug Programs That Work

Finally! A bed bug treatment program that gets rid of these awful pests.

Using proven pest control methods and materials, Global Pest Control works through your bed bug issues. A system of good communication and cooperation between you and your pest control company.


This is Our Expertise. Bed Bugs Will be Gone!

Many bed bug treatments fail due to a lack of preparation and proper understanding of the insect. Further, there is often a wide gap between customer expectations and actual results. Bed bug treatments require thorough inspection to locate bed bug hiding places, followed by an initial treatment and one or more follow up treatments. Then, the customer must determine how bed bugs found a way into their property so as not to repeat what caused the infestation in the first place.


We Will Educate You & Help You Save $$

A bed bug treatment can be expensive, but the customer has some control over costs by carefully following the instructions provided by the pest management company. More thorough preparation reduces treatment time. The reduced labor means cost savings to you.


Non-Toxic Program for Your Safety

Our program includes inspection and treatment of all infested rooms and furnishings using the best and latest bed bug treatment products. We use non-toxic products on all surfaces where human contact may be possible such as mattresses and couches.


Call us now to create a plan of action to get rid of your bed bug problem. We will be happy to work with you regarding your specific situation.