Bird Control & Netting

Our Solution Will Work

If a property has had problems with pigeons, starlings or sparrows and you have been unable to gain control using sticky glues, poison baits, spikes or plastic netting, we have the absolute solution and a list of local satisfied customers to prove it.


The Only Company Certified by Bird B-Gone In the Tri-State

Global Pest Control is the only pest control company in the tri-state, certified by Bird B-Gone, actively installing the BirdNet bird exclusion nets. BirdNet is made from high density; ultra-violet stabilized polyethylene twine and will last ten years or more when properly installed, more than five times stronger than inferior plastic molded nets, BirdNet will not rip or sag over time.

The final result is always a secure and permanent solution that is very hard to see. But, it’s easy to see why you should CONTACT US RIGHT NOW to solve your bird problems.