Mole Control

Oh, those terrible moles! They’re the bane of every homeowner hoping for that picture perfect lawn.

30+ Years of Experience!

Global Pest Control has over 30 years of field experience successfully controlling moles. Our program of scheduled monitoring visits keeps destructive moles at bay and gives you peace of mind.


We Do Not Use Traps or Poison

We do not use trapping devices or highly toxic poisons. Traps must be checked daily to make sure they have not been tripped accidentally and they can also be quite dangerous to inquisitive children and pets. Highly toxic agents are effective, but hazardous and they cannot be used within fifteen feet of the foundation of the house.


We Use Something Called “Talpirid”

GPC uses Talpirid, a very effective low toxicity product that fools the mole into thinking they are eating their favorite diet of earthworms. Proper application of this product requires a lot of experience reading active mole runs and knowing where to place the Talpirid bait. Our staff is trained to use the product by the manufacturer and receives hours of field training. Florida mole control couldn’t be better