Mosquito Control

Global Pest Control will help reduce annoying mosquito populations effectively and quickly.
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Our service specialists are outfitted with the very latest application backpack sprayer designed for to accurately target shrubs and plants with a barrier spray that bonds to foliage, killing mosquitoes on contact and acting as a mosquito repellent for weeks to come.
The Ace service staff are trained by the field representatives of the companies manufacturing the equipment and treatment products. We promise you’ll receive Ace’s award-winning* service every visit.

      • We know every yard is unique, so first, we’ll perform a careful inspection of your property for areas where mosquitoes are most likely to be found.
      • Our barrier treatment provides an ideal environment for outdoor activity during warm weather.  We’ll treat your property every month to keep up your protection all the way through the mosquito season.
      • You’ll receive a call 24 hours prior to each treatment so you’ll know when we are coming.

Any time you come across biting mosquitoes between treatments, we’ll gladly return for a free retreatment.

No contracts are required and your satisfaction is guaranteed.
Give us a call at 352-292-1807 for more information or to request a free quote.
*Global Pest Control has won the coveted Angie’s List Super Service award 15 times.

No. Mosquitoes don’t do well in sunny areas, so we focus our treatments on shaded areas, shrubs and under decks where the insects rest during the day. We also recommend keeping the lawn mowed to eliminate tall grass.

No, but mosquitoes are not strong fliers, so they frequently have to find sheltered places to rest. By treating the shaded areas of your property, we create an effective boundary. Mosquitoes coming from other yards land on the treated shrubs and die after coming in contact with our treatments.

One treatment lasts approximately one month, helping to reduce biting mosquito populations that are capable of transmitting West Nile disease, Zika and other illnesses.

It only takes about 30 minutes for the materials to dry after a treatment. After drying, rain won’t wash away our treatment. However, if you do encounter mosquitos after a heavy rain, Global Pest Control will return to your yard to re-treat your property at no additional cost.

No, but make sure gates are unlocked and your pets are inside. We’ll leave a notice at your door stating the date and time of service so you know for certain that Global Pest Control has treated your property.

Our barrier spray treatments contain synthetic pyrethroids which are mixed in water and will not harm plants. Similar materials are used in many commercial products like household bug sprays, pet shampoos and even shampoos for human lice treatments.

Our service specialists are trained to avoid fish ponds when applying a barrier spray treatment. Even though our treatments do not affect swimming pools, we will not treat near the pool water.

In addition to Global Pest Control’s mosquito control treatments, what can I do to reduce mosquito infestations?

Standing water is key to mosquito breeding. Make sure to overturn sandboxes, wagons or plastic toys that are holding water.


Check for water collecting under and around downspouts and in planters.
Refresh water in bird baths and dog bowls.
Gutters and flat roofs can also be mosquito breeding locations if they are not draining properly.

Tarps should be stretched taut to prevent water from collecting.

Remove grass clippings and leaves.

Firewood should be stacked off the ground to allow air to circulate.

Talk with your neighbors to see if they would be interested in having their property treated the same time your property is treated.

What mosquitos will be affected by these treatments?

Common NameScientific Name
Asian Tiger MosquitoAedes albopictus
Banded Spring MosquitoAedes canadensis
Eastern Treehole MosquitoAedes triseriatus
Flood-Water MosquitoAedes tivittatus
Vexans MosquitoAedes vexans
Malaria MosquitoAnopheles quadrimaculatus
Cattail MosquitoCoquillettidia perturbans
Northern House MoquitoCulex pipiens

Mosquito Control for Special Events

If you are planning an outdoor event like a wedding, graduation party or other outdoor event, let Global Pest Control treat the area and keep your guests free of biting pests.

Ace will apply a barrier treatment about 24-48 hours prior to guests arriving. Your guests will appreciate the extra care you have taken to assure their total enjoyment of your event.

          • Our treatment greatly reduces the number of biting mosquitoes instantly.
          • The treatment dries in about 30 minutes allowing safe reentry to the treated for humans and pets.
          • There is no odor or messy reside.
          • Provides protection through your entire event.
          • We apply the treatment well before your tables are set up and before the food arrives. There is no chance for contamination.

Call now to schedule your one-time treatment. It’s a decision you and your guests won’t forget.